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Eddie Lawler

Eddie Lawler: Songs of My Times Title:Songs of My Times
Artist: Eddie Lawler
Genre: Folk music, humorous songs and stories
No. of tracks: 11
Language: English

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Eddie Lawler prefers to describe himself as a "chansonnier" rather than a "folk singer". This seems fitting as there is a definite French feel to his arrangements.

On "Songs of my Times", Eddie gives us 11 self composed songs accompanied by guitar and / or keyboards. The music is melodic, and with backbone but it is primarily a vehicle for his well crafted lyrics. Song topics include musings and misgivings on a future United States of Europe (King of the Frogs), a clever swipe at a manufactured but unnamed pop star (Marketing Job) and a sublime dig at those who have preconceived ideas about Yorkshire people (A Yorkshire Welcome).

This is a fine album, laced with both gentle and cutting lyrics and one that needs repeated plays to fully appreciate.

Eddie is keen to support listeners and will be delighted to provide copies of his lyrics on request to

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  Infernal Market
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