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CD: Bradford Beck, Eddie Lawler
Eddie Lawler: Bradford Beck
Title: Bradford Beck
Artist: Eddie Lawler
Genre: Folk music, humorous songs and stories
No. of tracks: 12
Language: English

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Eddie's second album, released in 2002 continues to tackle a diverse range of topics. From the title track, which celebrates the humble but hidden beck on which the city of Bradford stands, through comments on latter day poverty (Sauce Bottle Blues), through to a sweeping attack on a present day government that ignores widespread social problems at home, but spends OUR taxes on a dishonest war, that was opposed by a vast proportion of the electorate (Not At War).

Equally strong, but less confrontational is "Ring The Devil Away". This light and effective song will be particularly loved by bell ringers everywhere, but also those who love the hear the assorted peels and chimes that sound out less frequently these days from parish church bell towers around the country. The music is melodic and skips over different styles, but don't let the simplicity of the tunes mislead you. This is an album of well crafted songs that always contains lyrics that amuse and provoke in equal measure.

Audio created for use with Real Player, if required download here for free.

Play list
Listen! Bradford Beck
  So Loud
  Silver Band Waltz
Listen! Not at War
Listen! Ring the Devil Away
  Sauce Bottle Blues
  Isn't Mine
  Swear by Honey
  Skippin' Across the Tyne
  Mr Polanski
  Climbing the Ladder
  Love Knows No Distance


Eddie Lawler is a poet, playwright and singer/songwriter living in Saltaire.

Eddie is keen to support listeners and will be delighted to provide copies of his lyrics on request to:



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