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SIGNWRITING by Eddie Lawler
Signwriting by Eddie Lawler

Title: Signwriting
Author:Eddie Lawler
Genre: Poetry
Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher:songs&signs (Saltaire) 2002
Language: English
ISBN: 095352231X
Product Dimensions:xxx
Shipping Weight: FREE SHIPPING

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About the book

Eddie Lawler's music and writing feature strongly in the lives of people living in Saltaire. Eddie lives a stone's throw away from Victoria Hall where his play, Saltairy Tales has been performed during the past two Saltaire Festivals. His music and poetry combine Yorkshire wit with serious social comment.

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She’s wise alright, this lady.

Hard, however. As she has to be.
Toughened, weathered, and when trodden on
Springs back behind the boot
And says nothing; keeps her wisdom
Clam-like on this sea-bed now
Shoved high above road and racket,
Wall and wailing siren.

The pelting fists of rain
As acid as it comes, can batter,
Winds can buffet, frosts do bite
And summer sunshine burns – But still she’ll tough it out,
And suddenly, late indeed,
When others shrink for cover,
Shrivel and curl in fear of future
She’s blushing, deep, all over.

It can’t be guilt, and if it’s shame
Then only out of empathy
With folk who’ve come, and gone on by
Pretending. Such as me.
Some of us said “Beautiful”. Oh dear,
That’s far too dull to hear
Above the bee-buzz.

Is heather.
Hot flush of mother earth

© Eddie Lawler, 1999


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