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signs of my times by Eddie Lawler
Signs of My Times by Eddie Lawler

Title: Signs of my Times
Author: Eddie Lawler
Genre: Poetry
Paperback: 25 pages
Publisher:songs&signs (Saltaire) 1999
Language: English
ISBN: 095352230X
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More about Eddie Lawler

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About the book

Eddie Lawler's music and writing feature strongly in the lives of people living in Saltaire. Eddie lives a stone's throw away from Victoria Hall where his play, Saltairy Tales has been performed during the past two Saltaire Festivals. His music and poetry combine Yorkshire wit with serious social comment.

After the Darkened Days
A Season on Stage
Head for Heights
Friedrichsdorf at Easter
Here and Now
Mount Grace, June
Performance Poem
By the Motorway
Viewer in the Middle
Seaside Entertainment
Queue for a Poem
The Polystyrene Cup Confides
Fairy Tale
Something and Nothing
Name of the Game
In Calder Valley
Shorts and Sweets

Eddie's days as a student were spent at at Keele University when the M6 was under construction. On a visit to his Alma Mater, he wrote this poem.

By the Motorway

These trees and fields which owned the valley
Till ‘dozers ripped their peace apart
Ask me straight: “When does this racket
Ever, ever stop?” “Only”, I must confess
“When the world goes deaf.”

We’ve wrought the oracle
Our wish at least half-true – Though packed from end to end with lots
Of giant coloured boxes
The carriageway is quiet

Fields hold their breath
Trees turn their heads
And I do both, and wonder...

Within a blue-light flash
We all know why – We sigh, and realise

The twist within the sorry tale
As told in modern days:
The siren’s song is heard OK –
But not till after
The catastrophe

© Eddie Lawler, 1999


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