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Balgarnie's Salt with Commentary and Additions
Title: Balgarnie's Salt, with commentary and additions
Author: Robert Balgarnie, with commentary and additions by Barlo & Shaw
Genre: Biography (Sir Titus Salt)
Hardcover: 330 pages
Publisher: Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications (20 Sep 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 0954584007
Product Dimensions:
Weight: 800g plus packing
Price: £11.99 plus £2.70 shipping

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About the book

Dave Shaw writes: The book is an unusual publication insofar as part of it was written in the 19th century, and the remainder in the 21st century. In the 10 months following the death of Sir Titus Salt in December 1876, Reverend Robert Balgarnie wrote a biography of Sir Titus, the founder of Saltaire, whose vision and industry continue to be recognized in the present day. This first biography of Sir Titus is now a collector’s item – long out of print, difficult to find, and too expensive for many would-be purchasers. The original text of the biography is faithfully reproduced here, and that text forms the main part of this present book.
The author Balgarnie, writing the biography in 1877, was not addressing an audience of the 21st century. Whilst his words remain an invaluable and highly readable account of the life of Sir Titus, the present day reader will inevitably be less familiar with the circumstances and characters that Balgarnie refers to in his 19th century account than would have originally been the case. As present day writers, we have provided over 350 footnotes of commentary and additions to accompany Balgarnie’s text, and augmented the six illustrations of the original with other plans and images. Helped by historian and writer Patricia McNaughton we have also added appendices which we hope bring further to life the story of Salt and Saltaire.

Philip Barlo and Dave Shaw - book launch of Balgarnie's Salt.The motive for writing the first biography is clearly stated by the Congregational minister Balgarnie in his opening chapter: ‘to stimulate young men at the outset of their career’. Such a motive reflects the times and values of the original writer. In bringing the biography back to life 126 years later, we too had equally clear objectives, which were perhaps equally reflective of our times and our values.
[Image: Philip Barlo (left) and Dave Shaw, publishers of Balganie's Salt, with Commentary and Additions.]

Firstly we wanted to republish Balgarnie’s biography of Sir Titus Salt in commemoration of the bicentenary of Sir Titus’ birth and the 150th anniversary of the opening of his mill at Saltaire, so as to afford today’s readers the opportunity of an appreciation of Salt’s achievements. Secondly, we wanted to seek to recover the costs of republishing through sales. Thirdly we wanted to have fun doing it. The first and third objectives have been achieved, and if you the reader buy this book, you will be helping us achieve our second objective – for which we thank you!
In reproducing the text of Balgarnie’s book, it has been electronically scanned and checked, with the intention of producing a faithful copy of the original words, punctuation, font, etc. During this process we encountered commendably few editing errors in the original text. Only in the very few cases where such an error was judged to be unquestionably accidental have we corrected it; in cases of any doubt we have been faithful to the original.
So as not to impede the flow of Balgarnie’s account, the additional illustrations which have been introduced have been placed appropriately in relevant appendices, or specifically in Appendix 8, rather than within the author’s original text.
There is much more that has been told, and remains to be told, of Salt and Saltaire than appears in these pages. We look forward to a future when access to information will be far better than it is today, and when the appreciation of our heritage is shared and celebrated by all. We hope you, in reading this book, are left with an increased pride in that heritage.
Finally we hope Rev. R. Balgarnie would have approved of our work.

Dave Shaw, 2003

PREFACE of "Balgarnie's Salt"
Rev. Robert Balgarnie
Scarborough, November 1877

"THIS work has been written during the summer season, and amid the pressing duties that a large sea-side congregation entails. We are fully aware of its many imperfections; but, as such as it is, we send it forth. It has been, throughout, a labour of love, which we have gladly performed, in memory of one whose long friendship has been to us, both an honour and a privilege. Though the lack of material, especially in connection with his earlier years, has rendered our task more difficult than we anticipated, yet we have done our best. If the record of such a life shall furnish the reader with an example worthy of imitation, - if it shall stimulate him to lofty purpose, - above all, if it shall induce him to regulate his course by Christian principles, and 'to seek those things which are above,' - the highest desires of the writer will be attained."

About the publishers

Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications a 'not-for-profit' partnership dedicated to the publishing of works relating to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire. Nemine Juvante is headed by Dave Shaw and Phil Barlo who produced the Commentary and Additions of the re-published Balgarnie's Salt.

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