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Last month, Roger Clarke introduced Sentinel readers to the Study, which was still to be presented to the local Project team. Now he reports on the details:
Saltaire provides a home for 1,400 people, 99% of whom were satisfied with it as a place to live.

Surveys were carried out in 2005 on different aspects of Village life, sampling responses from residents, other users and visitors.

  • 32% of visitors come to see the Mill
  • 26% the Village and 20% the canal
  • 42% spend less than £5
  • 46% between £5 and £20
  • and 12% over £20
  • 79% buy souvenirs and gifts
  • 32% buy books and magazines.

Traffic using the residential streets of Saltaire as rat runs had increased since the opening of the Bingley Relief Road. However, the vast majority of Saltaire streets do not suffer high volumes of vehicular traffic.

Caroline Street was one of the streets affected. Average speeds there were 21-24 mph.

  • 33% of residents surveyed had no car
  • 54% one car and 14% two cars
  • There are 766 households with around 630 cars
  • 37% of residents, and 35% of other users, rated parking availability as poor or very poor.

The problem of parking was seen as a moderate threat to the quality of life of residents and of sufficient concern to merit monitoring. If further concern and monitoring trigger further examination, suggestions such as developing and supporting public transport links, or exploring park and ride possibilities may be considered.

Questionnaires are to be carried out every three years, as are Peak hour stress flow measures.


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