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United Reformed Church, Dec 2006An idea for Advent has grown into a regular observance at Saltaire United Reformed Church: Each Sunday at noon a representative of the church invites anyone to share a few minutes of quiet prayer.

Exactly what happens depends entirely on who comes along – so the gathering cannot accurately be described as either a “Service” or a “Prayer Group”. People may say their own prayers, aloud or otherwise, or have them said for them. Alternatively, they may simply benefit from the stillness and silence in the company of others.
An Elder told us “It’s not about numbers; size of congregation is not the issue. It’s about each individual member of the local community knowing that the church is here for them. The most important thing to publicise is that ‘prayer cards’ are available in the vestibule and in the church café so that people can leave names and/or concerns which will be included in our prayers.”

URC, Dec 2006It was in 1857 that Congregationalists began to gather for regular worship in a house on Caroline Street. Today, members of Saltaire United Reformed Church look forward to celebrating, in two years time, the anniversary of the opening of the maginificent Italianate structure which was provided by Sir Titus for their forebears and generations to come and is now a Grade I Listed building and popular tourist attraction.

With such talk of celebration those responsible for the future of the building are particularly aware of the need for it to be seen by all to be fulfilling its original purpose as a centre of both ministry and mission in the local area.


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