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Proposal for the year ahead for the Saltaire Village Society from the current Committee
Published on website: 23 April 2007


Saltaire Village Society is a registered charity (number 515845) which sets out to:

• Promote high standards of planning and architecture.

• Educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Saltaire.

• Secure the preservation and protection of Saltaire.

• Promote the interests of the inhabitants of Saltaire.

It is run by an elected Committee which is responsible for ensuring that the Society is operating within its charitable objectives. The Committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting and currently comprises four key posts and a number of co-opted general posts.

The key decision making forum for the Society is the Annual General Meeting where we vote in a new Committee and decide on priorities for the Society for the year ahead.

Following a survey of residents and a public meeting we have gathered views on what the Society should be focussing on in the years to develop a proposal forward for discussion at the AGM.

In the year ahead we propose that Saltaire Village Society will:

Be managed by a Committee:

• Of five to twelve people elected by at the AGM. Officers will be decided at the first meeting of the newly elected Committee. All new people elected onto the Committee will be supported by existing Committee members and long-standing members of the Society.

The Society will focus on:

• Raising public awareness of the need to tackle traffic in Saltaire and to do so in a way that protects residents who live here and the fabric of the World Heritage Site. On June 18th 2007 we will be holding an open meeting to discuss proposals for a Saltaire bypass. More details will be available nearer the time.

• Hold four open meetings a year to share information and news on issues in Saltaire proving an opportunity for neighbours to meet and groups to network. Dates for two of these meetings have already been set: one on June 18th to discuss proposals for a Saltaire bypass and one on 24th September to meet the local MP Philip Davies.

• Attend Saltaire Project team meetings to contribute to discussions on the management of Saltaire as a World Heritage Site. Representative/s will be required to seek the views of the Committee before they attend Project team meetings and to report back on meetings by eg putting a short report onto the SVS web site.

• Get involved in any other projects that fit within the aims and objectives of the Society. For example discussions are underway on a Sustainable Saltaire project looking at how to improve energy conservation and efficiency in households.


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