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A play by Harriet Townsend
for the Saltaire Festival 2008

Revealed! Suicide, violent death and a conspiracy of silence threaten the modern utopia of Sir Titus Salt. ‘The Whisperers, a new play for this year’s Saltaire Festival, tells true and previously untold stories of Saltaire. Real characters from the past whose dreams were threatened by uncomfortable truths, try to set the record straight. The play uses contemporary documentary evidence such as the records of the gruesome inquests in the local  ‘The Ring O’ Bells’ pub, reported verbatim in the local press; plus recently researched history from the Dewhurst family, who lived in Titus St.


The Doctor and the Matron The Witness The Whisperers
The Doctor and the Matron... The Witness... The Whisperers...
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Added: 19 August 2008


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