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Added to website: 19 September 2013
Saltaire Amateur Rowing Club Puzzle


This postcard described as: Reach Mill Falls and Club House, Saltaire, looks very much like the Amateur Rowing Club, situated on the opposite side of the River Aire to Hirst Mill Crescent, but the perspective is puzzling.

This is the postcard flipped horizontally.

By chance, a glance at the article: The Water Mills of Shipley, written by Bill Hampshire, may explain why the postcard seems not-quite-right. The Rowing Club was ferried, in sections, across the river and re-erected.

"An indenture dated 5th January 1921 from Sir James Roberts Bart., 30 Hyde Park Gardens (proprietor of Salt’s Mill) to Glyn Thomas and Co. Ltd. of Hirst Mills, conveys Hirst Mill, Hirst House and a plot of land lying between the river and the canal, in fee simple, for the sum of £5,000. On the plot of land conveyed in this indenture stood the Bradford Amateur Rowing Club’s boathouse. The Club had been paying rent to the Salt Estate, but Mr. Thomas, as the new owner of the land, objected to the boathouse. To meet his objection the club ferried the boathouse in sections across the river and re-erected it on the Bingley bank of the river."

The Water Mills of Shipley, written by Bill Hampshire

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