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Added to website: 12 June 2013
Pain Management Awareness Day - A worthwhile effort

FIRSTLY:  Our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who provided us with support – including, several raffle prizes, advertising & promotion, printing, and ...Hattie Townsend, who gave a spirited and light-hearted presentation on this, otherwise, very serious subject!   We do appreciate it all – thank you.

We are delighted to report that the above event in Victoria Hall last Tuesday went very well indeed – and more things are planned!

The positive feedback we have received included comments on 'lots of information on several therapies all in one place!'  'A friendly relaxed atmosphere, rather than a formal setting'.  'nice to have a bit of fun as well' (referring to our lunch and raffle).

We understand that most people reading the original advertisement, would probably think “...hmm, interesting, but nothing to do with me...”  However, from our discussions with some of those who attended on Tuesday, several things have come to light, and we now hope to focus attention on these aspects which DO indeed affect many more people.

1.  Stress & Pressure – especially in the workplace!  Nowadays, people at work are under a great deal more pressure than in previous years.  This particularly comes from 'being accessible' all the time with mobile phones/email etc.  This can affect any medical condition and cause deterioration in peoples' health.  Employers are then adversely affected by sick absence and employees just not being at their best.  Fear of job loss can then add to all this pressure, and it really is a vicious cycle!

SO, we will now be looking at ways to help people in this position.  (We would greatly appreciate comments and suggestions from anyone in this regard (please see email contact).

2.  Depression & Anxiety – This can be related to the above, but it also applies to retired persons, mothers/grandmothers at home often supporting working children and neglecting their own needs with resultant health problems.  (Self-absorbed adult children are certainly an issue!)

Again, finding ways to help these people – and there are many!

For any comments, suggestions or if you would like any information, please contact:
01274 962822 or email:

Anne Drury




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