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Added to website: 25 October 2012
Saltaire History Club opposed to proposed water turbine in Roberts Park

Dave Shaw writes: Saltaire History Club has declared its opposition to Bradford Council’s proposed water turbine in Roberts Park. At a meeting of the Club on 18 Oct, members voted overwhelmingly to oppose the scheme.

"Saltaire History Club, having been identified as a stakeholder in BMDC's Feasibility Study for a Water Turbine in Saltaire WHS, declares its opposition to the Council's proposal and calls upon BMDC to abandon its current project and find a better solution to its renewable energy needs".

The Club is one of six local groups identified as stakeholders in the Council’s Feasibility Study for the scheme, and now joins the growing rank of stakeholders declaring their opposition to the Council’s idea. Friends of Roberts Park and Saltaire Village Society have already declared their opposition, which would introduce a non-recreational 21st century utility building into Roberts Park, in contravention of the Park’s covenants.“It is unlikely that the scheme would ever have been progressed had Council officers alerted Councillors to the terms under which the Park was given to the people of Bradford. The officers were clearly ignorant of those terms at the time of the public consultation in June – a week after the consultation the same officers were asking local historians for a copy of the deeds! It’s gratifying that local historians have been able to point up the commitment made when receiving ownership of the Park from Sir James Roberts in 1920, but one wonders how much ratepayers’ money has been spent on the Council’s Feasibility Study without first bothering to check the legal commitment made by the Council.

There was no sense of any anti-green feeling in the Club’s debating of the issue. The Club’s large membership is a responsible, informed group of people, anxious to learn & celebrate the village’s unique heritage. What contributed to their decision was a recognition of the energy-paucity of the Council’s case. There are no doubt more cost effective ways of hitting the Council’s renewable energy target & the Club joins with others in encouraging the Council to pursue that aim of cost-effectiveness.”

The Club's next meeting is on 29 Nov, when we look forward to history " business as usual."

Dave Shaw

Denys Salt, great-grandson of Sir Titus Salt, lends his support

Denys Salt, great-grandson of Sir Titus Salt, also opposes the water turbine proposal. In an email to the History Club, Denys writes:

Congratulations on your discussion  about the Water Turbine proposal which I am so glad was opposed by an overwhelming majority of the meeting. As an interested and direct descendant of the  Founder of Saltaire I fully support the Club’s position. Albeit not a stakeholder I nevertheless wish to state my opposition to the Council`s proposal.
“ I, Denys Salt, great-grandson of Sir Titus Salt wish to declare my opposition to the Council’s proposal to install a water turbine in Roberts Park `” All best wishes  Denys

Sign the online petition against the water turbine proposal

Anyone wanting to oppose the proposed water turbine, please sign the online petition by following this link>

Read more about concerns here >


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