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The Big Saltaire Knit – help knit a square for Saltaire!

The Big Saltaire Knit’s latest campaign is to encourage all you knitters out there to knit a square for Saltaire!

By knitting a square for Saltaire you’ll be able to help groups involved in the Big Saltaire Knit, like Kniterati to make knitted bunting and have it on display during the Saltaire Festival.

Promoted by Texere Yarns on World Heritage weekend, the campaign to ‘Knit a Square for Saltaire’ is a good way to get involved in the Big Knit if you’d prefer to sit at home, a cafe or as part of a local group. When you’ve done your square (or triangle if you prefer), simply hand it in and it will be turned into bunting.

To make a knitted bunting flag follow some simple instructions kindly provided by local knitting group, Kniterati based at Vicars Café Bistro, Victoria Rd. Pop into Vicar’s to pick up a template or email and we’ll send you one.

But hurry because everyone is being encouraged to do all their wonderfully knitted flags by Early July. Once done you put your flag(s) in an envelope marked ‘for the Big Knit!’, and with your name and email address on. Hand it in to either Vicars Cafe Bistro, Victoria Rd or in to Saltaire Yarns, Oastler Rd (closed mon). Please then email giving your name, contact no. and how many flags you’ve done. In this way you can be thanked and kept informed about the project. You can also be invited to a Saltaire ‘Knit night!’ where all the knitted flags will be put together for bunting. Please use any colour or texture and do knit more than one if you can. Use acrylic yarn NOT wool. Reuse your unwanted yarn, shop locally e.g. at Saltaire Yarns or contact us for free yarn specially donated by Texere Yarns for the project.

 By way of background, the Sentinel promoted the start of the Big Saltaire Knit project in a winter issue and since then the project has grown to inspire local Saltaire groups and individuals to get knitting! The Big Saltaire Knit project is aimed at drawing visitor's attention to Saltaire's wonderful architectural, woollen and world heritage in a creative, fun and quirky way complimenting everything else that helps visitors enjoy Saltaire’s history. The groups involved in the Big Knit intend to display what they’ve done during the Saltaire Festival in September.
What groups are doing are still under cover but we’ll try and tell you in a future issue of Sentinel. However we can say that groups involved so far include: Caroline St Social Club, Kniterati, Rainbow Morris dance team, Saltaire WI, Saltaire’s Circle Dance Group, Shipley College’s Knit and Knatter group, St Peter’s Church Active Seniors.  There’s still time if a group you’re involved in would like to do something. Contact the project if you want to join one of the above groups whether you are an experienced knitter or want to learn or simply knit a square for Saltaire.

For more information on how to get involved with the Big Saltaire Knit and/or knit a square for Saltaire, man or woman, young or adult , whether you can knit or not, artist or novice contact Keith:  07950 471456



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