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Added to website: 6 September 2011
25 Trees and Other Pictures by David Hockney
On show from Wednesday, September 14th at Salts Mill, Saltaireon the third floor at Salts Mill, Saltaire, between 10:30am and 4pm. Admission free.

David Hockney, courtesy of Salts MillThree new 27 foot long pictures by David Hockney are about to be unveiled at Salts Mill, Saltaire. The pictures, of the same 25 trees on a Bridlington street at three different times of year, are displayed alongside projections of Hockney’s iPhone and iPad art, and some recent portraits and landscapes.

The trio of pictures is being exhibited for the first time at Salts. Whilst relating to David’s recent rural images, some of which are also on show, these lengthy works show a love of the more urban environment, and the transformative power of seasonal change.
David has taken to documenting the East Yorkshire landscape in great detail and with great dedication. A few weeks ago he saw that the road featured in many of his pictures was being dug up by British Gas. He promptly invited the workmen for tea. He wanted to show them how he had immortalised the road in art, and to explain the importance of putting it back together the way they found it. After their refreshments, the men departed vowing to do just that.

Also on display are Hockney’s recent works on the iPhone and iPad, which have not been seen elsewhere in Britain. These delightful, jewel-coloured images are displayed as large, changing projections featuring flowers, friends, family, dogs, California, Bridlington.... The projections are updated whenever David emails a new image. It’s like having a hotline to the sketchpad of the world’s greatest living artist.

Recent portraits of family and friends are also on show. These are drawn, but not in the traditional pen-and-paper way. Instead, Hockney created them on his computer, using Photoshop and a graphics tablet.

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