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Added to website: 16 July 2010

Two Scavengers hard at work…
will you join us?

During a big house renovation project myself and a friend, Steven, were keen to call upon our local recycling networks to source and pass on useful treasures. We both grew increasingly frustrated with just how difficult it seemed to be to do this! Once the house was completed and we had again spare time on our hands we decided to skill up and create a new user-friendly recycling platform!

A year and a half later was launched. Two months from launch date it now has nearly 500 active members giving away everything from grapevines to Playstations and most recently a fully functioning caravan!

A website like Scavenger relies almost entirely on communities joining up and getting involved. Operating as a non-profit making organisation and both of us being in full time employment, Scavenger cannot make use of endless time and big budgets when it comes to promoting. Instead we both hope that the originality of the website and the way it functions will impress its users enough to harness word of mouth as our main advertising tool. If our membership base continues to grow as it has done we hope to be able to operate effectively not only locally but on a national level too. Our other long-term aim includes building links with local councils to combine expertise and continue to develop the website as a useful everyday tool that will assist with tackling the environmental problems that today’s throw-away society has created.

If you are still reading this article and can think of at least one thing that you own but no longer want, then why not log on to 10 minutes scavenging and you’ll have shown your support, de-cluttered and saved one more thing from landfill!

Thanks, Tom and Steven

Tom Winslow
Steven Strange

Some of the key features of the

  • Items are displayed by postcode location or by distance from your location.
  • All items showing on the site are available to be taken by someone.
  • You can search for items using a range of criteria including distance, description and condition.
  • You can save your search for an item. Then when your desired item comes available the website will notify you by email.
  • You can provide feedback to other members when you give/take an item. Therefore ultimately restricting the number of items available to time-wasters on the site. 
  • You will not be bombarded with unwanted emails. You can just check the site whenever you need to get rid of an item or search for something new.
  • Each member has their own profile page in which they can track the items that they are currently giving or requesting.
  • To sign up all you need is an email address and the first half of your postcode.


Added to website: 20 July 2010



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