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Added to website: 24 February 2010
Feedback from Saltaire Questionnaire 
Saltaire Farmers’ Market – 20 February 2010

On Saturday 20 February, Jane Dale who works for Bradford Council was at the Saltaire Farmers' Market, consulting locals to see how Saltaire could be an even better place in which to live and work.
The questions addressed 6 specific issues - Prosperity and Regeneration (money and jobs), Children and Young People, Safer Communities (Crime and Safety), Health and Well Being, Housing and Environment and Strong and Cohesive Communities (Community Spirit).

These are the results of that consultation. Sixty-four people gave their views. Of those, 8 live either on the boundaries of Saltaire, either in Shipley or Nab Wood, and one was visiting from Reading.

DOWNLOAD: Download a printable Acrobate file of these results.

What is good about Saltaire?
Good sense of community /friendly x 21 (33%)
Shops and cafes x 19 (30%)
Good transport links x 14 (22%)
Salts Mill x 14 (22%)
Historic village and heritage x 12 (19%)
Farmers’ market x 12 (19%)
Located near countryside x 9 (14%)

Architecture x 7
Attractive place x 7
Being a village/village feel x 6
Saltaire Festival x 6
Canal and river x 6
Roberts Park x 5
Got everything you need x 5
Upbeat place/ buzz x 4
Arty community x 3
Safe streets x 3
Easy access to library and swimming baths x 2
Located near Bradford/Leeds x 2
Saltaire Inspired x 2
Local Co-op x 2
Fanny’s pub x 2
Maria Glot tours x 2
Self contained x 1
Own identity x 1
Shipley College x 1

Which of the following concerns you the most?
(10 people did not respond)

Traffic and parking (27)
Activities to bring community together (22)
Things for young people to do (20)
Dirty streets – litter/dog poo (19)
More green spaces for allotments (19)
Being healthy/keeping fit  (12)
Safe places for children to play (11)
Crime and anti social behaviour (10)
Keeping your home warm for less (9)
Activities for older people (4)
Help to get work/training (0)
Benefits/debt advice (0)

If you had to choose your top 4 concerns, what would they be?

Traffic and parking (26)
Activities to bring community together (15)
Dirty streets – litter/dog poo (14)
More green spaces for allotments (11)

Crime and anti social behaviour (8)
Safe places for children to play (6)
Things for young people to do (6)
Keeping your home warm for less (5)

Being healthy/keeping fit (3)
Activities for older people (1)
Benefits/debt advice (0)
Help to get work/training (0)

Do you think that children and young people should be encouraged to learn about and visit Saltaire as a World Heritage Site?
(Due to an error, this question did not appear on every questionnaire)

Yes     28                    No       0                     

Any other concerns about Saltaire?
Trees on Victoria Road
Health hazard. Roots have turned up the pavements and the fallen leaves make them slippy. More appropriate trees should be planted and properly maintained x 2
Don’t remove the trees on Victoria Road x 3

Saltaire roundabout
The proposals are just tinkering with the problem. It needs a tunnel x 2
Very congested x 10
Concerned about solutions to traffic problems x 1
Frightening! x 1
Concerned that new roundabout proposals will cause rat run traffic through top section of George Street x 1
Zebra crossing is really dangerous x 1

Saltaire being used as a rat run. Speeding cars along Titus Street x 2
Traffic speeding through village, particularly on Caroline Street x 1
Too much traffic - hard to get in and out of Saltaire x 5
Lack of council funding to deal with traffic problems/planning regs x 1
Concerned that solutions to traffic problems takes green spaces away x 1
Traffic speeds up Victoria Road x 4
Boy racers from Hirstwood and Wycliffe charging round streets particularly in evenings and weekends x 2

Can’t park outside house on Jane Street x 1
Not enough parking x 3
Used as a parking lot during the day and evening. Parking on the pavement – very difficult for wheelchair users/prams

Young people in parked cars in the health mill car park smoking weed and possibly dealing drugs x 1

Farmers Market
The publicity says it’s open until 3 but closes at 1.30 x 1
Important for the market to stay x 1

Shops and cafes
The empty shop units look scruffy x 2
Need to ensure that real shops are opened – bakers, butchers etc. Don’t want gift shops x 1
Problem of noise outside Don’t Tell Titus – broken glass, pools of sick outside. People noisy on leaving late at night x 2

More allotments for locals  x 2

Poor street lighting x 1
Lighting at top of Victoria Road – dark and dangerous particularly for women or disabled people x 1

Streets and Housing
Problem with chewing gum x 1
Shops like Kentucky Fried Chicken mean that people throw rubbish into people’s gardens x 2
Problem with uneven pavements, particularly near Almshouses (but don’t lose the trees!) x 1
Wheelie bins are too big and are left on streets x 2
No grants for houses x 1

Very big step up to get on trains at station – platform needs raising x 1

Community Activities
Saltaire Festival clashes with Otley Folk Festival and model railway exhibition x 2
Lack of community focal point x 1

Tourist Info
Need a visitors’ centre x 4
World Heritage Status should be promoted more x 1
Not enough publicity about Saltaire x 1
Better signage needed x 1
No investment for world heritage status x 1

Learning about Saltaire
The museum service has no specific role in Saltaire but works by extension from the Industrial Museum. More links are needed with groups in Saltaire to use Bracken Hall, Shipley College archives, Shipley Stores (now reroofed) to build up knowledge and current understanding of Saltaire as WHS and a living community
Cars have been broken into and some burglaries. Saltaire is seen as an attractive place for crime x 2

What would help to improve the area where you live?

World Heritage Site and Tourism
Visitor Information Centre x 2
Improve signage for visitors to World Heritage Site x 2
Use mobile phone game for Saltaire visits ( x 1
Maintain heritage x 1
Don’t compromise Saltaire with new development x 1

Traffic and parking
Improvements to Saltaire roundabout x 3
Improve car parking x 1
More parking wardens x 1
Extend permit parking x 1 without residents having to pay x 1
20 mph zone throughout village x 1
Park and ride x 1
More for cyclists – cycle lockers at station x 1
Closing Rossendale place to stop rat run x 1
Try to reduce traffic at peak times by encouraging more children to walk to school – walking bus schemes x 2
Traffic calming measures x 1
More trains x 1

Housing and streets
Need for funding to get double glazing up to heritage standard – we rent in Saltaire but are looking to buy elsewhere because of the high heating costs x 2
Funding for insulation and replacing windows x1
More alternative forms of energy – heat pumps, solar energy, wind power x 1
Need bins for chewing gum x 1
Improve lighting x 1

Increasing police presence on neighbouring estates and activities for young people to distract them from crime x 1

Roberts Park
Park ranger for Roberts Park x 1
Live music in the park for local young musicians and facilities for them to practice x 1
Lively programme of events for the park x 1
Keeping on top of graffiti in park x 2

Shops and facilities
Real ale at Don’t tell Titus x 1
Be good to have a local bank or a mobile service x 1
More shops should be open on Bank Holidays as Saltaire is a tourist destination x 1

Learning about Saltaire
A learning village ethos through a learning development partnership valuing the experiences of residents and encouraging them to work together to strengthen Saltaire’s identity and cultural offerings. X 1

Community activities
Support for the Half Moon project x 1
More activities for children x 1
More community activities spread throughout the year x 1
Keep focus on the arts x 1

Jane Dale, Area Development Officer
Shipley Area Coordinator's Office, Bradford Council

Tel. 01274 437146 Mondays and Wednesdays.

Added to website: 24 February 2010


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