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Added: 14 January 2009


Dave ShawThe 1911 census is now online and will provide a huge amount of info on Saltaire social history. "It is getting big hits at present, but coping," reports Dave Shaw, (pictured) founder of the Saltaire History Club and co-publisher of Balgarnie's Salt, the biography of Sir Titus Salt with Commentary and Additions. "I can remember going to my grandparents on Victor Street in Manningham, and I knew my grandmother was from Lincolnshire.

The 1911 return gives other details that I didn't know - my grandfather was a velvet weaver - probably just up the road at Listers. My grandmother's birthplace was one of these small Lincolnshire villages, not very far from the places that I visited last year when researching Caroline Whitlam."

To access the 1911 census, follow this link.

Dave Shaw

Added: 14 January 2009


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