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Added to website: 18 December 2008


Classes will begin on:
Tuesday 13th January 2009, 7-30pm        
At  Kirkgate Community Centre
Kirkgate, Shipley

For further information please contact Kashyapa Buddhist Centre:
Tel: 01274 542065  

Kashyapa Buddhist Centre begins a new course of meditation classes on Monday evenings specifically aimed at helping people to find some peace of mind.

So much of the stress and tension that we normally experience originates in the mind. Just by doing a simple breathing meditation for a few minutes each day we can gradually reduce this stress. We will feel more calm and relaxed and more able to deal with difficult situations effectively. Our relationships with others will improve and many of our other problems will fall away.

Meditation is an ancient technique that has been proved over the years to bring many benefits. Anyone can learn to meditate. The techniques taught at the classes are simple to learn and can be done at home.

Many people these days are practising meditation and experiencing the benefits it can bring. These include:

  • Reduced stress and greater ability to deal with problems effectively
  • Improved relationships from overcoming negative minds such as anger and developing positive minds of love and compassion
  • Better focus and concentration in their daily life
  • A more positive outlook on life in general.

The classes are informal and friendly and will explain how we can get started with some simple meditation practices and establish a daily practice. The classes are suitable for everyone, no previous experience is needed.

Each class will last about 1½ hours and consist of guided meditations, some teaching and explanation, and a question and answer session. Refreshments are also provided. There is no need to bring any special equipment or clothing and seating is on chairs.
There is no need to book for the classes, just turn up on the night and there is no commitment to attend every class.
The Teachings are given free but we do request a donation (suggested amount £4.00) to cover costs.

This new meditation course is open to anyone who wants to learn to relax and be able to cope with stress and other problems. Meditation is something that everyone can learn and benefit from.

Classes are taught by Kelsang Khechog, a Buddhist monk from the Kashyapa Buddhist Centre in Bradford, who has been leading meditation classes throughout the UK for over six years. He says, “Just by doing a simple meditation for ten or fifteen minutes each day we can learn to relax and develop some peace of mind. By learning the meditation techniques taught at the classes we can develop a more positive outlook on life and learn to deal with problems calmly and constructively. Many people, from all backgrounds, have found meditation to have a positive effect on their life.”

For further information please contact Kashyapa Buddhist Centre:
Tel: 01274 542065  

Kashyapa Buddhist Centre is a registered charity no 1050168


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