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Added: 28 April 2008


There is another planning application for another café-bar on Victoria Road. Massarella's at 14 Victoria Road, currently operating as a café-gallery, has applied to become a café-bar. Despite being opposite and backing on to residential housing, very few of the neighbouring houses were actually directly informed of the application by the Council.

The successful Don't Tell Titus is situated in a row of shops with no housing opposite, yet it has still presented some issues to the residents of Saltaire. Passers-by sometimes have to dodge round smokers, (some of whom also take their drink outside) and the pavement is regularly littered with fag-ends.

The proposed new café-bar at 14 Victoria Road may present even more of a disruption to residents and passers-by. Massarella's in its current form as a café-gallery is a welcome and valued business in Saltaire. However, converting this business to a café-bar selling alcohol on an evening will inevitably impact on the lives of those living close to such an establishment. It's only fair to furbish people with the facts:

  1. The proposed café-bar adjoins housing and is opposite more houses. 
  2. The licence applied for would allow drinking until 11 pm. 
  3. If smokers stand at the front they will hinder a major pedestrian route.
  4. If smokers stand at the back they will be next to houses and cause noise nuisance as well as smoke. 
  5. The proposed café-bar adjoins an important educational building.
  6. There are other licensed premises in the vicinity, notably Caroline Street Club, Victoria Hall, Don't Tell Titus and Fanny's. 
  7. The currently empty shop next door to the proposed café (currently under probate) could turn into a larger licensed premise.

View the on-line planning application: 

Email Philip Davies: If you have a view, why not write to Philip Davies MP for Shipley and let him know how you feel?
Email Martin Love, your local Councillor, with your views. Martin Love.

Added: 28 April 2008



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