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Added: 18 April 2008

Local Election on 1st May: Meet Martin Love for the Green Party

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Martin LoveI am delighted to be standing for re-election as a Shipley councillor on May 1st. It has been a privilege to represent the area in which I live, and where I was born, since 2002, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue working with my Green colleagues, Kevin Warnes and Hawarun Hussain for four more years.

During my time as your councillor, I have dealt with hundreds of individual issues on behalf of residents. These range from routine issues like blocked drains and broken kerbstones to potentially life-changing concerns such as school admissions and housing allocations. I have worked to fight inappropriate developments in many neighbourhoods and helped people campaign for safer roads and better play areas for their children. I go out most weekends to knock on doors, along with my councillor colleagues, to talk to residents and help them wherever we can. We believe that this personal approach helps us to give you the representation you deserve, rather than just appearing on your doorstep at election time when we want your vote.

I have been involved in a number of council committees including Shipley Area Committee, Social Care, Licensing, Standards and Corporate Improvement. I am also a long-time member of the Saltaire Project Team and Shipley Town Centre Development Partnership. I have gained a good deal of experience in handling complicated planning and licensing legislation and been able to help residents who have come to me with their concerns about proposed developments in their neighbourhoods. In the process, I have built up good working relationships with officers across the Council and in other organisations in the area such as BCHT, Metro, Shipley College, the voluntary sector and the business community - all of which helps when it comes to sorting out the issues that Shipley residents raise with me on a daily basis.

Myself, Kevin and Hawarun have clear local ambitions for the next four years.

We will continue to oppose the concept of a so-called 'Saltaire Bypass', as put forward by the Council, as this will leave Saltaire with two busy roads instead of one. The proposal as it stands at the moment would destroy houses, workplaces, ancient woodland, scarce playing fields and canal conservation area and will seriously threaten the village's World Heritage Status. It would have only a very limited effect on the congestion at Saltaire roundabout.
We will do all we can to protect Shipley's Green Belt areas from development and also continue to oppose the trend for converting family homes into flats and bedsits. We will encourage developers to utilise brownfield sites close to public transport and other facilities wherever possible.
We will continue to push the Council to stop dragging its feet over schemes to reduce the impact of rat-running traffic in Moorhead, Nab Wood, Hirst Wood and Saltaire with traffic calming and lower speed limits in residential areas. This problem was foreseen by Shipley people before the Bingley Relief Road opened and should have been addressed then - it is unacceptable that this continues to be put off time and time again.
We will keep on pressing the traffic engineers and public transport providers to improve services and facilities to enhance the alternatives to the car. The new 629 bus service from Shipley to the BRI is a recent success story, but we had to campaign for over 8 years to achieve this. The railway station improvements at Shipley are welcome, but we will keep pressing for the provision of new toilets (these are, bizarrely, not included in the current plans).
We will keep on working to improve facilities for youngsters in Shipley. We now have approval for a multi-activity play area on Hirst Wood Recreation Ground paid for with receipts from the sale of Bradford/Leeds Airport, and we are also pumping money from this fund into the play area at Baker St, a climbing wall at the new Salt Grammar, improvements to access to Salts Sports Club and renovations at Northcliffe bowling green and allotments.
I can be contacted on 01274 829287 or by email to, or write to me at 7, Farfield Rd, Shipley BD18 4QP.

I believe that Shipley is best served by a team of three Green councillors who work closely together for your benefit. The Green Party have won every local election in Shipley this century. With your support on May 1st, I will use my experience and hard work to take Shipley forward in the years ahead.

Thank you.

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Added: 18 April 2008

[The Saltaire Village website is happy to publish statements from all candidates. Please submit to]


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