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Added: 7 April 2008

Denys SaltDenys Salt, the great grandson of Sir Titus Salt has written to Hazel Blears following her comments to the Fabian Society, quoted in the Daily Telegraph (4 April 2008) which undermined the philanthropic drive of Sir Titus, founder of Saltaire.

Sir Titus Salt provided workers with decent housing and facilities in an age when this was by no means a standard approach to business development. Saltaire's houses and beautiful buildings were developed over a 20 year period in the 1800s and were a world away from the slums in Bradford which existed at that time. Saltaire is now recognised as a World Heritage Site.

Denys Salt, who lives in Austria with his wife, Eva, maintains close contact with Saltaire and visits regularly to enjoy the Saltaire Festival and attend Saltaire History Club meetings. He will celebrate his 90th birthday on 4th May.


From: Denys Salt
Sent: 06 April 2008 09:33
Subject: Speech to Fabian Society - Saltaire

Dear Hazel Blears

In a recent speech to the Fabian Society you made a comparison between the village of Poundbury and big estates such as Saltaire and Bourneville and suggested that the latter  “owed more to the paternalism and aggrandisement of the benefactors than real concern for the residents” (Daily Telegraph April 4th 2008). In the case of Saltaire, at least, I believe this to be untrue.

I find nothing wrong with paternalism, if justly and fairly exercised, as was the case with Sir Titus Salt, the Founder of Saltaire. Furthermore, the spread and significance of his philanthropic activities also testify to this. As for aggrandisement I can only say that Saltaire has always been, and still is, regarded as a model village which has stood the test of time and can now proudly boast of being a designated World Heritage Site.

Maybe you do not support private initiative leading to innovative development.

Yours sincerely

Denys Salt  (Great grandson of Sir Titus Salt)

Added to website: 7 April 2008


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