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Added: 14 March 2008


Sir Titus Salt's mausoleumLead has been stripped from Sir Titus Salt's mausoleum for the third time in four months. This latest attack took place on Saturday night, 8 March and has resulted in a water leak into the interior of the mausoleum so further damage will ensue until a repair can be effected. Trustee Len Morris said: "If it rains, as it has been doing, it could get in to where he is buried. It is not much different to attacking a grave in a graveyard."

Lead has been stolen from other buildings in the locality recently, including Wycliffe Primary School where pupils were delayed from starting school after the Christmas holidays whilst repairs were effected.

A man will appear before Bingley Magistrates, on March 17 on a public order offence and suspicion of stealing lead.

Image courtesy of Len Morris.

Added: 14 March 2008


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