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Whilst browsing your website last week, I noticed an article posted on 27th September last year. 

I was sorry to note that you were unhappy with the length of the third round of public consultation held in support of the HLF bid for Roberts Park.  As we discussed at the time, we had to work to a tight timetable, for submission to the HLF in October, and it was important to leave sufficient time to analyse this last round of consultation, and add it to the Audience Development Plan, before submitting the bid.  The round 3 consultation period was 27 days long and in that period we received 27 questionnaires and spoke to many people at our event in the park’s Half Moon Pavilion.  This round was a much simpler affair than the previous two as its role was only to collect opinions on our final restoration plans, which were responsive to the earlier consultation.  We felt, therefore, that we would be able to gather questionnaires from a representative sample of the local population in a shorter period of time than for the first two rounds.

The round 3 display was set up in the Half Moon Pavilion on 14th September, so that it would be available during the most intensive visitor period of the Saltaire Festival, which is supported by both local residents and visitors from further afield.  I contacted the Saltaire Village website only 6 working days later, saying that the display would be available in the Half Moon Pavilion for a few weeks.  I am sorry if you felt there was some confusion as to the length of time for the round 3 consultation and we certainly would not want even a perception of misleading the public.  We will certainly try to make the final submission dates clearer in future.

We tried to contact as many people as possible during the three rounds of consultation.  As well as displays and questionnaires in the Half Moon and on your website, Salt Grammar also promoted the project at one of their open evenings; the Telegraph and Argus published articles; and material was posted on the Council’s own website.  HTLA also held a Key Performance Indicator workshop and Tree Walks to explain more about the project; had numerous meetings with stakeholder groups; and contacted community groups representing people who tend not to visit Roberts Park.

Having the support of the local community is essential for a successful project.  We were very grateful for your enthusiasm and support in spreading the word about the Roberts Park project and would be happy to deal with any queries directly – please do let your website audience know that they can contact us at  Please feel free to post this letter on your website, if you think it will help to clarify this matter.

If this stage of the HLF bid is successful, there will be further opportunities in the future to comment on the restoration.  We very much look forward to working with you again and with all those who use the Park and want to see it fully restored and catering for everyone’s needs.

Yours sincerely,

Tamsin Chambers


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