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Added to website: 28 October 2007

Forbidden fish find home in the River Aire

Barbels, a species of fish, disappeared from the river more than a century ago as a result of industrial pollution. Now they're back after a long campaign by local anglers. Final confirmation came on Friday 26 October, hours before six hundred barbels made their journey in plastic tanks from a fish farm in York, to the River Aire.

The campaign to reintroduce barbels to the River Aire began 30 years ago but was obstructed by the Environment Agency. Barbels are native to the UK though not to the River Aire and so were deemed illegal by the EA. Due to policy changes, this ruling has finally been relaxed to the delight of many anglers, including Richard East, general secretary of the Saltaire Angling Association.

The fish, certified with a clean bill of health, were poured into the River Aire from the bank by the Saltaire Sports Club, near Roberts Park at around 2 p.m. More fish were then released in the river from Myrtle Park in Bingley and Silsden Bridge, Keighley.



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