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The Saltaire Festival 2007

The Saltaire Festival has been another huge success. After our terrible grey and wet summer, the weather knew it had to behave - and it did.  What a triumph! What a great way to close the summer and get ready for another season.

I've been to every festival since it began in 2003 and each year it really does get better. This year's festival was the best yet - relaxed, colourful and seamless, as though it came together of its own accord like a magnet pulling people in to have fun against a blue sky and the magnificent backdrop that is Saltaire.

It doesn't work like that though.  Behind all the events and performances which unfold like a well rehearsed dance, there's been really hard work. Events organisers will already realise this - and for the rest of us, we should be aware of and acknowledge the tremendous efforts of a team of people who work so hard to make it all happen.  How do they do it - and why?  Where does the energy come from and the motivation - so that for few days every year, Saltaire is stomped on by thousands of people in celebration?  It's not for money - that's for sure. 

This dedicated team is led by Helen Kemp, Carole Moss & Martyn Lambert and there are many others involved: the Saltaire Festival Committee, the event organisers and volunteers, the sponsors and patrons.  They all work together to make the Saltaire Festival happen - and the rest of us just have to turn up and enjoy it.

So - this is just a little note that spells out the word THANK YOU for everything you have done that made it all happen - THANK YOU.  It was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Photos of the festival will be on the website soon...




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