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Update on the North Lodge
Written by Peter J Bottomley, Saltaire reporter

The renovations on the North Lodge have started and a lot has happened so far. The architect Mr Paul Gott at SMC Gower Architects in Leeds said everything was going to plan and in the next month or so people who go walking in Milner Fields will notice a big difference to the lodge.

North Lodge North Lodge North Lodge

North Lodge (mouse over to enlarge)

North Lodge is one of the lodge houses which served Milner Field, the mansion
built for Sir Titus Salt Junior. Milner Field is now in ruins.
North Lodge is accessed from Higher Coach Road, Baildon (by foot)
or Primrose Lane, Gilstead.

The builders who are York House Construction have now pulled down an extension at the rear of the Lodge and have put in new foundations for the bigger extension to be built. Nothing on the main stone structure can be altered but the inside is a mess - all the timber has rotted away including the roof and the plaster work has all fallen off.

So it’s a complete refurbishment and plans are being drawn up at the moment for the kitchen, bathroom and interior rooms. The interior designs will be chosen in view to the Lodge being put up for rent rather than for sale, said Janis Stone the Sales and Marketing Director at Hartley Property Trust. The trust owns The Lodge and 95 acres around it, they also own Hisrtwood Nurseries by Hirstwood locks and a house on Victoria Terrace in Saltaire village.

So if you are looking to rent a house with some history look no further. The North Lodge is full of it and is history in the making as well. The owls who lived have found a new roosting place I hope. I will ask the owners if they could put a nesting box by the new roof or in a tree close by, so when the house is ready to be moved into the owls might come back and move into their new home as well.

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