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New lease of life for North Lodge

Peter BottomleyWritten by Peter J Bottomley, Saltaire reporter. Plans to restore part of the historic Milner Fields estate to its former glory and secure its long-term future have been passed by Bradford Council. The North Lodge, which is at the Gilstead end of Milner Fields, has fallen into disrepair over the last few years. The Illingworth Morris pension fund are its current owners. The building has now been scaffolded and surveyed with a view to undertaking a complete renovation. It will then be put on the market for at least £250,000.

The building is Grade 2 listed, so any work will be regulated. The plans can be viewed on-line at (application no: 04/03817/LBC). As well as the restoration of the original building, there will be a timber garage to blend in with the surrounding trees. The trees have preservation orders on them and the best treatment of them will be decided on when the building work starts. The architect for the project, Mr Paul Gott, said, "Work will start some time this summer and take around nine months to complete. A builder has been chosen and the scaffolding will be erected again so that work can begin."

The South Lodge, at the lower end of the estate, was in a similar state of disrepair when it was bought by Dennis Embleton in 1980 and completely renovated. Mr Embleton has lived there ever since, and also has a joinery workshop on the site, where he produces window and door frames for the houses in Saltaire village.

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Once the builders start work on the North Lodge, members of the public will still be able to get past to walk in the grounds of Milner Fields, and when the renovation is completed, access will still be allowed to the path from Gilstead to Coach Road at Baildon.

A pair of owls is known to live in the roof space of the North Lodge. I wonder if they realise they’ll soon have to move on and find a new home?

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