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Saltaire Bandstand 2007
Every Sunday from 27 May to 2 September, Roberts Park from 2.30 p.m. and all are FREE

Full summer programme - see below
Eddie Lawler's week-by-week-report

The Half-Moon Steering Group, representing local organisations interested in the protection and renewal of Roberts Park, an integral part of Saltaire World Heritage Site, piloted a series of six Sunday afternoon concerts in the Park in 2006, reviving the old tradition of free music for the local citizens out enjoying each other's company, the scenery and the fresh air. What was not traditional was the programme, which was not exclusively brass band, but contained a range of different styles.

Building on that experience, they are offering music every Sunday in Summer 2007 from the May Bank Holiday to early September, making 15 Sundays in all. So visitors to Saltaire will know there is music in the Park every summer Sunday afternoon. Again the range of music is wide. The traditional Brass Band, our local hard-working Hall Royd Band, can be found amongst the performers, but the programme might be able to claim a possible first - has there ever been an ''Organ Concert in the Park'? Well there will be now. Mr Phil Fluke, who owns and runs Saltaire's lovely Reed Organ Museum in Victoria Hall, is providing one of his collection for a performance by Sheffield-based organist Nigel Gotteri.

There is still no real bandstand in Roberts Park, just an octagon of tarmac in front of Sir Titus Salt's statue remains to mark the spot. Bradford Council have kindly provided Community Chest funds for the purchase of a sturdy and colourful gazebo which will grace this year's events and it is sincerely hoped that the Lottery bid for funding the renewal of Roberts Park will soon provide an opportunity to experience live music in a real and renewed Saltaire Bandstand.

Here is the full Summer Programme:







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