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Good Luck Helen! It's not goodbye....

Robert, Lancs
Robert, Lancs.Helen is the most benevolent Wendy (Peter Pan), that I have come across since J.M. Barrie - how many lost boys could be under her magical command?

Eddie on behalf of Saltaire Village Society
Eddie Lawler
The corner shop at 79 Victoria Road selling “Gifts for Mind and Body” lit up that corner for several years around the turn of a millennium. May your light go with you across the river and continue to shine on Saltaire. Best wishes from us all.

Rita & Steve
You are one of our best friends; we've had so much fun together, especially at your allotment! Good luck for the future and best wishes from us both.

Pamela & Patrick
Pamela and Patrick ReynoldsTo be honest, we've had to restrain ourselves from going in Helen's shop too often! Whenever we have, we've come out with books, dream catchers, polished pebbles, a water feature, an otter, a model fishing boat... we could have been arrested for loitering the time we've spent gazing into the windows! As for the Saltaire Festival - it's BRILLIANT! Thanks for your hard work and your creativity, Helen. You're amazing! Thank goodness you're not going to be far away. Good luck and huge success in everything you do.

Helen Kemp's shop was in the very heart of Saltaire Village and Helen became the 'soul' of Saltaire during her 14 years there. She brought in warmth and friendship to the Village and gave back the Community Arts Festival which has grown so successfully. Peace and contentment in the future. Love, Carole

Helen, you're an inspiration on so many levels. Your energy, drive and stamina are the core of Saltaire festival. Glad you haven't gone far. Wishing you loads of luck and love.'
Sharon x

Martyn and Marc
Martyn and MarcAfter going up on the tram, enjoying the FunFair at the top; then having a great time on Shipley Glen, we looked forward to returning to Saltaire and then browsing the local stores, especially Helen Kemp's 'Emporium'! Good luck & best wishes for the future.

Amanda Hulse
Amanda HulseHelen Kemp has been a blessing to this village and community. Saltaire will certainly notice the loss of its well established gift shop, hub of festival activity and a creative oasis for many a project. All good things must come to an end - On behalf of Soul 2 Feet may you dance your dreams awake and continue to sprinkle your sparkle!

Roger & Bronwyn Clarke
Roger and Bronwyn ClarkeHelen's contribution to Village life has been awesome.  She has given so freely of her time, energy and commitment in the cause of community.  She's an important part of Saltaire's regeneration.  Fortunately she's still going to be living locally, and doesn't intend to bow out of Village life, so hopefully we'll still be seeing lots of her.

DavidHelen, I wish you so much happiness in your new life "across the river". But don't forget all your friends on the other side! David x

Nigel Hughes, Saltaire
Nigel HughesI'm sad that Helen's lovely shop is closing, it will be fondly remembered for a long time. I wish Helen all the best in her new life.

Paul Haigh
THANK YOU for all your support to the festival and the village. The 'vibrant community' mentioned recently in the Guardian wouldn't be half so vibrant without you. I wish you a very happy retirement in your garden - if it grows as well as the festival, you'll be the next Capability Brown.



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