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Christmas 2006: Season's Greetings to our friends...

Shirley and Joe with their grandson.This website wouldn't exist if it wasn't for some very special people who have inspired, contributed to and generally supported this project. It started with a lovely couple called Shirley and Joe Karasz who live in Maple Ridge, Canada. Patrick and I both love the film Roxanne which was filmed in Nelson, British Columbia in Canada. We visited Nelson's website, read about the community and signed their guest book. A little while later we had an email from Shirley and Joe who grew up in Nelson. They went to the same school, fell in love and got married - and although they now live in Maple Ridge (another lovely place) they visited Nelson in August this year to reunite with their old school friends. [Image: Shirley and Joe with their their little grandson.]

The friendship that's grown between Shirley and Joe and us has been a wonderful experience. The Internet is fab and I'll never take it for granted. How great to be able to make contact with people on the other side of the world, learn about their lives and nurture friendship by simply tapping a keyboard and sending electronic information. This wouldn't have happened without the platform of Nelson's website to launch this communication from. And it got me thinking... wonderful Saltaire didn't have that and maybe that's something I could contribute to the Village and the community. It's been a labour of love and I've loved every minute.

James and Cheryll Duncan, Roger and Bronwyn Clarke, 30 June 2006People in and around Saltaire have been fantastic. My first contact was with James Duncan, the founder and editor of The Saltaire Sentinel. I asked if he would like me to publish the Sentinel on the website. He considered this and said yes! I can't tell you how proud I am to be sent the files every month and to publish the paper on-line! Thank you to James and Cheryll Duncan for your support and friendship this year.

[Image: from left to right, James and Cheryll Duncan, Roger and Bronwyn Clarke]

I've become friends with Roger and Bronwyn Clarke whose enthusiasm and unstinting support has been humbling. I've been told stories, received support and input for the site, shared spectacular scenery on walks with Roger and Bron in the Yorkshire Dales and around Saltaire. Bron even helped us paint the Snappy Christmas crocodile for the Living Advent Calendar. Shaun Daniel, a Yorkshire alpaca farmer who has researched the cloth woven from alpaca wool by Sir Titus has also contributed to this site.

I've had positive feedback and encouragement from Dave Shaw and Philip Barlo who are the names behind Nemine Juvante Publications, and brought Balgarnie's Salt, the biography of Sir Titus Salt, back to life and prominence with their additions and commentary. I was completely bowled over when Dave and Philip sent me the entire original text of Balgarnie's Salt to put on this website so that anyone interested in Saltaire, Titus Salt and its textile history, can download the text free of charge. These are enthusiastic and pro-active historians at work!

Eddie Lawler, the Saltaire-based poet, playwright and musician has also been very encouraging and supportive. Eddie's play, the wonderful "Saltairy Tales", is history in the making, destined to be a valuable artefact for future generations. I saw it performed first time round with the man himself! You can now find articles about Eddie Lawler and some sound files of his music on this site - and notes generated from The Saltaire Village Society. It's so gratifying and such an honour that such important people and societies find this website useful.

I've even met Denys Salt, the great grandson of Sir Titus Salt, who obviously carries genes of greatness! He attended an event held at Shipley College in September with his lovely wife, Ava. His encouraging words from someone so powerfully connected to Saltaire were so appreciated. And words of encouragement too from the lovely Jean McAllister, the principal of Shipley College. Thank you.

Image: Denys Salt with Jean McAllister, 20th September 06, Shipley College, celebrating the 150th anniversary when thousands of Salts Mill workers gathered in St George’s Hall to present a bust to Titus Salt.]

Saltaire Village website has been able to plug wonderful events like the Saltaire Festival, headed by Helen Kemp, who is undoubtedly one of Saltaire's most valuable assets. The festival is fantastic - anyone who hasn't experienced this festival which takes place annually in September, make a note in your diary. Such dedicated, hard work and organisation goes into this event to make it so special it lives in people's memories and hearts. Martyn Lambert, who organises the Saltaire Festival website has become an "electronic friend" offering encouragement and links back to this website.

Victoria Worsley, who lives in Saltaire, organised the Living Advent Calendar project for the village, which this site is proud to host. This event is destined to become annual, I'm sure - and the Worsley's organisation and encouragement again show what can be achieved when people work together for the greater good. Chrys Bavey, a webdesigner in Hull constructed the files from photographs taken by David and Victoria, then sent them to me for publication. Projects based on mutual co-operation spark off friendships - which seems to fuel the energy behind this website.

In the New Year, there will be more information on events taking place in Victoria Hall, courtesy of Stacey Clarkin, the dedicated manager of Victoria Hall, who got the charming and very witty Dan Salt (the great, great grandson of Sir Titus and who again, obviously shares his genes!) to reopen the newly refurbished Victoria Hall on 21 December 2006.

[Image: Helen Kemp with Dan Salt, Victoria Hall, 21 December 2006]

There were lots of people there who work for and on behalf of Saltaire, perhaps most notably the very elegant Maggie Silver, widow of Jonathan Silver who rescued Salts Mill from terminal decline, and who carries on such important work. I got an invite to share this experience with these great people - and it was an honour to be there - thank you so much.

Patrick Reynolds, March 2006And last but not least, thank you to my husband, Patrick Reynolds, who is a fantastic help with the technical stuff and shares my enthusiasm for this project. We love Saltaire.

Best wishes and Season's Greetings from Saltaire website to these wonderful people. Here's hoping that 2007 will bring more people and friendship into our lives.

Pamela Reynolds




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