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Art & Craft Market, 29 - 30 July 06, Saltaire
Dave Marsh from The Elm Gallery, Addingham

Marsha Brown, Leeds

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Richard & Wendy Bailey - Gifts That Sparkle

Arts and Crafts Market, 29 - 30 July 06This page is dedicated to the artists who came to this Village in the last week of this scorching July. Where there are websites - please follow the links if you have time - and if you fancy giving yourself a meaningful treat - think about buying stuff from these artists. [Note to the exhibitors - if I have made an error in your information - please let me know.]

The Art & Craft Event which took place on 29 - 30 July, brought some fantastic talent to the Village. Despite this - it was a quiet weekend in Saltaire, and patronage was sparse.

A lot of the exhibitors were local-ish people, but some had travelled further to come here - and it must have been a little disheartening not to welcomed properly. The main excitement didn't come from quick sales and bigger bank balances, but from the gusts of wind which occasionally theatened to whip displays of pictures and photographs into the air, needing a quick response to pin things down in their proper place.

So where were the crowds? I found out about the event because I saw a sign attached to the car park railings on Victoria Road - and I hurried home to bang a quick notice on this website in the hope that some people might see it. If I'd not taken a walk on that particular day - I might have missed the event - and also the chance to buy a wonderful print from Caroline Riley, which I know, we'll love forever! If I didn't have an inherent working class, mind-the-pennies mind set, I would have bought so much more. There was some cracking photography - some really impressive paintings - lovely jewellery (I did buy a gorgeous crystal pendant from Richard and Wendy Bailey -- but it was a present for my daughter - and I'm fine with spending money on other people!) and some awe-inspiring metal sculptures of rooks with long, quirky legs (Michael Kusz) that I would give my eye teeth for. They were fantastic. I also met some really interesting, nice people.

I wonder if this event got enough of the right kind of publicity? Events like this are worthy and enjoyable. The exhibitors brave an uncertain outcome and invest their time. We must find a way of drumming up more interest in this type of event - otherwise these talented people won't be so encouraged to come back - and that would be a shame.




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