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Saltaire Village Society - Introduction

Contacting the Saltaire Village Society

Please email: 
SVS General Update and Meetings

From: SVS Committee []
Sent: 02 September 2013 22:58
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: SVS General Update and meetings

Some of these points have been taken from email/post and we are just passing this on.  Apologies for any cross posting.

1) Update on the Saltaire Junction works

Works have started on site and are progressing on track for completion in January.  Matt Davis (Tel: 07841 918549 - Projects Public Liaison Officer for North Midland Construction) and CBMDC have been working closely with local businesses and residents to construct the works with minimum disruption. We can provide the following update.

Construction works to the Saltaire Improvement Scheme are progressing on track to be completed in January 2014.

Part of the works consists of a Catenary toucan crossing to be constructed over Bingley Road. To construct this safely and with minimal disruption we are undertaking this work over night on the 8th September between the hours of 10pm and 5am Monday morning 9th September.

We will also be closing Clarance Road to construct works outside the school / nursery between the 2nd September and 4th September, again this has been programmed to be completed with minimal disruption prior to the schools return on the 5th September.

Further information is on the projects website and can be found at   

2)     Public Exhibition: Shipley Exchange

Skipton Properties and Morrisons are proposing a new multi million pound mixed use development for Shipley.  An exhibition of proposals (commercial, retail, residential) will be on display at Shipley Library, 2 Wellcroft, Shipley, BD18 3QH from 2 – 7.30pm on Thurs 5th September.

3)     Voting for English Heritage Angel Awards.  Deadline is 8th September if you would like to support a local project/nomination: Len Morris for his rescue of the Saltaire United Reformed Church.

4)  Our next SVS Committee Meeting is on Tues 10th Sept at Caroline Street Club at 7.30pm.  This is a normal committee meeting but anyone is welcome to attend.  We hope to hold our next 'Saltaire Connected' open public event on the 29th October and details will be confirmed in due course.

Saltaire Village Society

Saltaire Village Society: Designated Group?

From: SVS Committee []
Sent: 02 September 2013 22:46
Subject: Saltaire Village Society: Designated Group?

Dear friends of Saltaire

At our AGM in June we had a talk from Jonathan Crewdson (Neighbourhood Ventures) who outlined various options to us all relating to Neighbourhood Planning Powers  - e.g. village or parish council, designated community group etc.  As a result of the response we've had so far after this talk, the Saltaire Village Society is now interested in pursuing the possibility of  becoming recognised as a 'designated group' in the first instance.  To do this we would need 21 local electors who would become members or supporters of our status in this capacity.  Anyone prepared to support us in this way would not then have to become actively involved if they didn't want to. Jonathan has kindly assisted with a brief explanation below.  As a 'designated group' we would be able to: 

  1. Influence future planning permissions by preparing a village development plan. This can include what sorts of business we would like to attract or put off from operating locally as well as any specific regeneration projects we would like to see happen. This plan would have to be put to Saltaire voters in a mini-referendum and once passed would be binding on Bradford Council for up to 20 years.
  2. Be able to grant some planning applications once this plan was passed, referred to as "neighbourhood development orders". This would have to fit in with our plan.
  3. Be able to nominate local amenities and buildings as "assets of community value" such as local shops, pubs, schools and other services. Bradford Council now maintains a list of such assets and if any are to be sold off or significantly altered there would have to first be an opportunity for a community buy out."

As you can imagine we feel this would be beneficial to us as a Village Society and to the residents of Saltaire.  We already have a number of supporters who have given us their names, but would like a few more people to volunteer to support us too.  If you are on the local electoral roll and would be prepared to lend your name to our application in this capacity we would be very interested to hear from you.  As I mentioned before this does not commit you to any direct involvement.  Please contact me by email if you would be happy to lend your support.
I will also separately send an news update of a few things we've been told about relating to planning/meetings and so on.

Kind Regards
Jane Buddle
Saltaire Village Society

Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 25 June 2013, 7.30pm
The Saltaire Village Society invites you to its AGM at Caroline Social Club
Caroline Street BD18 3JZ

The purpose of this meeting is to explore the options for a more participatory local democracy in Saltaire/Shipley.

Public consultation is underway about changes to the management of Saltaire World Heritage Site.  There are also changes to the SVS committee with Rob Martin (Chair) and Chris Grogan (Treasurer) resigning from the committee.

You are invited to send nominations for the SVS committee with the name of a seconder and the permission of the person you are nominating to Jane Buddle by email at

The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the SVS committee will be elected by the new committee at its first meeting on 2nd July.

AGM agenda
7:30   Introductions and apologies
          Minutes of the 2012 AGM (Jane Buddle, Secretary)
          Chair’s report (Rob Martin)
          Treasurer’s report for 2012/13 (Chris Grogan)
          Nominations and elections of the committee
          (nominations should be passed to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting).
          Any Other Business of which notice has been given.
8:00pm Close of meeting

Following the meeting:
Jonathan Crewdson of Neighbourhood Ventures will speak about:
Neighbourhood Planning Powers,
Local Power for Local People

The Localism Act is now becoming law and offers opportunities for people to organise and become “designated community groups”.  The local council then has the duty to inform and consult them about planning and other issues in their area.  The designated group can put forward its own  local planning document covering new building and use of existing properties.

Discussion after the talk will focus on issues brought forward by Jonathan and the ways the Localism Act could be used to the benefit of Shipley residents.

Perhaps there is support for a Parish type Council covering Saltaire or the whole of the Shipley Ward, or for setting up several designated community groups?

Registered Charity 515843 for further information ring 01274 593585

Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 19 June 2012, 7pm
The Saltaire Village Society invites you to its AGM at the Half Moon Café


  • Welcome with a glass of wine/juice and a chance to chat
  • Introductions and apologies (Rob Martin, Chair)
  • Minutes of the 2011 AGM (Jane Buddle, Secretary)
  • Chair’s report
  • Financial report for the year 2011/12, (Chris Grogan, Treasurer)
  • Nominations and elections of the committee
    (nominations should be passed to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting).
  • Any Other Business of which notice has been given.
  • Close of meeting
  • Castles, Coal & Conservation
    A talk by Craig McHugh, Saltaire World Heritage Site Officer
Saltaire Village Society and Caroline Street Social Club

TUESDAY 1st November 2011 from 7pm
An opportunity for you to hear about and talk to the people who run groups and events in and around Saltaire.

Exchange your information without a click!

Groups attending include:
Airedale Partnership, Bradford Council Conservation team, Bradford Council Visitor Centre and Tourism Development, Dales High Way, Eddie “Bandstand” Lawler, Friends of Roberts Park, Half Moon Café, Hirst Wood Regeneration, Leeds Liverpool Canal Society, New Community Arts Academy, Rainbow Morris, Saltaire Cricket Club, , Saltaire History Club, Saltaire Learning, Saltaire Festival, Salts Walks, Shipley College Saltaire Archive, Saltaire Inspired, Shipley Glen Tramway, Shipley Area Office, Sketching Club, NOTHY,
Plus ...
Multi-prize RAFFLE

& ... (maybe), a few surprises!

Updated on website: 26 September 2011

Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 14 June 2011, 7pm
The Saltaire Village Society invites you to its AGM at the Half Moon Café, Roberts Park.


  • Welcome with a glass of wine/juice and a chance to chat
  • Introductions and apologies (Rob Martin, Chair)Minutes of the 2010 AGM (Jane Buddle, Secretary)
  • Chair’s report
  • Financial report for the year 2010/11, (Chrissie Freeth, Treasurer)
  • Nominations and elections of the committee
    (nominations should be passed to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting).
  • Any Other Business of which notice has been given.
  • Close of meeting
  • Shipley College in Saltaire
    A talk by Nav Chohan, Principal Shipley College

Updated on website: 17 May 2011

SVS Vision Statement

Saltaire Village Society (SVS) is the local democratically elected body of tenants, residents and supporters of the World Heritage Site (WHS) and buffer zone.  The committee puts forward this statement to set out the values and principles which inform all their decisions and actions in the maintenance and future development of Saltaire and the buffer zone.

Follow this link for the whole statement >>
Updated on website: 11 March 2011

The Constitution of the Saltaire Village Society
as agreed at the Annual General Meeting 21 May 2007

The name of the Society shall be Saltaire Village Society.
The Society is established for the public benefit for the following purposes in the area comprising the Village of Saltaire in the Metropolitan District of Bradford in the County of West Yorkshire which area shall hereinafter be referred to as “the area of benefit”.
(i) To promote high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the area of benefit...

Download the full constitution (Acrobat document) >
Added ton website: 11 March 2011

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Saltaire Village Society – Priorities for 2009 (based on our Vision Statement)
SVS works to maintain the fabric of the village, promote awareness of its architectural, social and industrial history, and improve quality of life for local residents. Our new Vision Statement will be presented at the AGM – details on the next page.
Background of current and planned action by other agencies/groups

o World Heritage Site officer’s survey of all village buildings
o WHS officer’s consultation and redrafting of Management Plan
o Restoration of Roberts Park
o British Waterways work on the canal
o Punch Taverns rebuilding of the Boathouse pub
o Tramway engineering repair work (until August)
o Learning Action Plan (linked to United Reformed Church bid to English Heritage)
o BMDC ongoing work towards a 20 mph zone in and around the village
o BMDC long term plan for Heritage Lottery bid for Victoria Road
o Shipley College bid to LSC (including a Tourist Information Centre)
o please add other news!

Download the full statement (Acrobat file) >
Added to website: 11 March 2011

Saltaire Village Society/Sustainable Saltaire
(A sub-group of Saltaire Village Society)
Sustainability guide for Saltaire homes (v1.0)

Although there are many great positives to living in a World Heritage Site such as Saltaire, one of the drawbacks is the increased difficulty in making home improvements that are in keeping with the image of Saltaire as a ‘living industrial-era village’.
Ironically the way Saltaire was created would by today’s standards be considered intrinsically sustainable due to its location, with over 1,500 jobs within walking distance of the village, excellent local retail, dining, drinking and leisure facilities along with good public transport links to Leeds, Bradford and further afield.
Where Saltaire falls short (if anywhere!) is in the energy efficiency of its housing stock when compared to today’s modern houses...

Read the full report (Acrobat file) >





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